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Director:  Jon Berntsen Huseby

Producer:   NTNU

Genre:  Education


Photographer and director of the documentary Bymljøkampen - A documentary about Trondheim’s urban environment. Docent Barbro Rønning tells us about her family’s history at Bakklandet and Møllenberg, and activism in the area in the 70s an up to today.


Vår Frues Folk

Director:  Jon Berntsen Huseby

Producer:   Vigdis Aune / NTNU

Genre:  Education


Photographer and director of the documentary Vår Frues Folk - an empirical-based research project. The Documentary Theatre piece, Vår Frues Folk was commissioned to Olavsfestdagene in 2014. 


Nye E.C. Dahls Bryggeri 

Director:  Jon Berntsen Huseby

Producer:  Kristian Berger 

Genre:  Corporate


Film about the opening of the new E.C. Dahls Brewery in Trondheim August 2016.


Music videos

"Gærnt med Mæ" - Joddski & Ágy

Director:  Jon Berntsen Huseby

Producer:  Jørgen Nordeng 

Genre:  Music / Entertainment


Official music video for  "Gærnt med Mæ" by Joddski & Àgy.


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